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Happy Frostfell!

Beaue, Dec 19, 13 8:02 AM.

LAUNCH DAY! TEARS OF VEESHAN! - are you ready?

Beaue, Nov 12, 13 8:10 AM.
There are some major changes coming with this expansion. Here is some info on the new zones and features.
Be sure to read up on the itemization changes. WOW! so much to read, /looks for her glasses - finds a beer.

Patch Notes from the EQ2 forums: Patch Notes

Preview EQ2 Wire: Preview


New Itemization -

Beaue, Nov 12, 13 7:26 AM.
Everyone should check this out, there are a lot of changes coming. For those that love their multi-attack, according to this interview, it's now soft capped at 200%. Potency is hard to find and the DPS stat is your new best friend, dps is now capped at 2300. You'll hit less often but much harder.

Oh there's so much more!

Don't be shocked at log in.

New Heroic Level 85s

Beaue, Oct 8, 13 8:33 AM.
Which one did you pick??


Beaue, Jun 11, 13 2:57 PM.
Hi all, just wanted to announce that Wrath is now on facebook. Drop by and say hello to your fellow guildies. Give the page a few likes! See you there!!/Eq2WrathGuild?fref=ts

The Storm gathers, and now our fight begins... It shall not end until our death.

"We are the swords in the darkness. We are the watchers in the woods. We are the fire that burns against the storm, the light that brings the dawn, the horn that wakes the sleepers, the shield that guards the realms of men. We are justice, we are vengence, 







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